we need to find ourselves again (autumnsuicide) wrote,
we need to find ourselves again

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Skateboarders are the best kinds of people. Seriously. Even with a jacked ankle you can still have a good time.

I want to get my indie van and take that road trip with yapes. We're gonna take a trek to the indie mecca otherwise known as Omaha, Nebraska. Along the way we're going to see every show we can, while making income by robbing old ladies. It's the life for us.

I want to leave Trenton, Ewing, whatever. It's totally not my scene man. Totally. I'm tired of the people.

I hate EVERYBODY in my environmental class. They're all tools. And if I hear that fat bitch complain about how stressed out she is and how she's going to cry I'm gonna tell her to shove her fat head up her fat ass. Stupid bitch.
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