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Only if I had a camera phone or a digital camera, my journal would be so cool.

Halloween show at the krome last night. It took us two hours or so to get there because of traffic. When we did, none of the main bands had started. Me and Yapes found out that Murder by Death was playing, because we assumed they couldn't because their shit got stolen. So they opened up and they had a fucking awesome set. The celloist is so fucking hardcore. Next up was Vaux. I never heard of these guys, and they took fucking forever to get on stage, but they were pretty fucking good. At the end of their set Yapes got a drumstick, and I got their fucking banner, haha. Static Lullaby is where the show got fucking crazy. Stage divers who were running on people's fucking heads, fucking assholes. And the pit was full of shitheads swinging their arms around and kicking like fags. They nailed some girl in the head who was sitting on the edge. But Static Lullaby was fucking sick. Finally was fucking Senses Fail. I love these fucking guys. They're so fucking catchy, and it's so easy to get into their music. They did "The Ground Folds," and ended with "187." Me and Yapes put everything we had into "187." So fucking good.

My fucking Chemical Romance. Fucking amazing. That's all you need to know. The people in the front had them come back for an encore, and they did "Early sunsets over monroeville." God I love that song.

I'm tired, and I have eyeliner on.

I wanna see Senses Fail again.

In case you forgot, I love my girlfriend. Feel better Kelsey, <3.
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