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:: SHOW REVIEW :: - Saves The Day, Taking Back Sunday, Moreen -

At about 4 or so Brian's mom picked me up and it was off to his house to watch arrow three mess around. Those crazy characters. They've got some real good sounds coming from those instruments of theirs.

While waiting for Brian's mom, we busted out Dance Dance Revolution. For my first time playing I owned that shit like a naughty puppy.

So we're off, and on the way there we call 103.3 to request the blood brothers. First Yapes calls and asks, and they say they don't have em. So I call three seconds later and ask, and the guys asks me if I just called, which I told him no. I then asked for At The Drive In, but he said he never heard of him, so I asked him to play DMB as a joke.

So we get to the electric factory and we get into the place pretty quickly. We make our way up to the front, and Moreen comes on. I've heard of them before, and they were pretty bad ass. The pit was alright, but Dave got kicked right in the face by some punk.

Taking Back Sunday came on, and I'm not a real big fan of them. Me and Dave were in the pit the entire time, and on the last fucking song somebody ripped my fucking shirt. SOMEBODY RIPPED MY MOTHERFUCKING BLOOD BROTHERS SHIRT. That motherfucker. So I paraded around the rest of the night with no shirt.

Saves The Day came on, and fucking amazing. I was right in the front, and for the encore, they did a cover of "Hey Ya!" I like that song now, just because Saves The Day did it so damn good. They had a 4 song encore or something like that, so that was fucking sweet.

On the way out I bought a Saves The Day shirt, because it was about 40 degrees out, and my shirt had a hole on it, and was covered in sweat. We get to Brian's mom's car, and we wait there for awhile. We see the singer from TBS, and we shook hands with the bassist from Saves The Day. When I shook his hand, I kissed it too, haha.

So we stood outside for awhile hoping for Chris from STD to come out, so we finally just went back to the backdoor and we talked to him for awhile. I got him to sign my "Subway Club Card," because I forgot I had a ticket stub, haha. And the guy from Moreen gave us all free mix cd's, which was fucking sick.

Yep. I have to pee.

My right leg is so fucking mangled, because I had my keys in that pocket, and they cut my thigh open real nicely.

Swedish Fish!
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